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Our company
The founding year of the company is the beginning of 1998, It's already 20 years of experience in the industry of painting, wallpapering, varnishing, renovation of houses (painting Facades) woodwork etc. We also do cleaning after painting repairs, and more.
Certainly we are not the golden hands who do everything, We have the principle that we stick to that everyone should do what he can best. That is why we accept only such works, which we know that both the client and we are happy after doing the work we have been commissioned to do. We have no problem communicating in German. That is why we are leaving for German-speaking countries, if necessary. We set everything up with the client, so that the customer could think about whether to afford it for a given material or investment.
Therefore, we try to advise the customer what products could be replaced so that they would be just as good, and not have to rob the customer of the last money. Therefore, the most important thing for us is to determine the front of activities, to describe them, to calculate them, to discuss the work and to execute it within a specified time. Our client can not guess that he can probably pay such and not a different amount. Even the most complicated order we are able to perform professionally and on time.
Our client from the first meeting must be pleased that he chose us. The motto of our company is: "Beauty starts from scratch and ends with details"

Our company deals with comprehensive adaptations and interior renovations. We also carry out finishing works outside of buildings. We specialize especially in work at heights.


We offer services in the field of finishing works in:


  • apartments
  • residences
  • homes
  • apartments
  • offices
  • other buildings
  • building facades
  • facades of wooden buildings
  • renovation of monuments
  • painting blocks of flats and houses
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Wykonujemy prace na wysokościach

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